Waypoint Aeronautical designs and builds large and small cabin simulators and door trainers used to instruct cabin crew/flight attendants and pilots in normal, abnormal and emergency situations.

These devices are known by many names in our industry, such as;

  • Cabin Trainers
  • Cabin Simulators
  • Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainers (CEET’s)
  • Service Trainers
  • Door Trainers
  • Overwing Exit Trainers

The simulators are a reconstruction (mock-up) of an aircraft, which can be controlled by an instructor, and used to recreate live conditions for aircraft personnel to train in.  Cabin crew can use the simulators to re-enact real life situations and build up their skills on handling passengers and equipment in emergencies.

As aircraft specialists, we use authentic aircraft parts as well as custom-made pieces, in order to construct a simulator that looks and feels identical to that of a real aircraft. As well, special features can be incorporated to enhance the learning experience, such as functioning oxygen mask compartments, emergency exits, and galley ovens. Special effects can also be added to reinforce the look and feel of a crash landing or other emergency situation.


Instructors are in command of the simulator features during a training run, enabling them to have control over such things as the malfunctioning of equipment, the amount of smoke penetrating into the cabin, special effects lighting coming from the windows which can imitate sky, water, or fire, as well as motion and other effects.