Management Team

Waypoint Aeronautical Corporation operates from Everett, WA in the USA while Waypoint Aerotec, Ltd. is based in West Sussex in the United Kingdom

Waypoint Aeronautical Corporation

Robert Olson

President & CEO, Waypoint Aeronautical Corporation

Bob’s lifelong career in aviation began at the age of 15 when he obtained his private pilot’s license before he could drive a car. After obtaining a business degree from the University of Washington, Bob joined the U.S. Airforce during the Vietnam war, serving as Captain of the C-141 Starlifter with over twenty combat airlift missions. Prior to focusing his efforts full-time on his role as President and CEO of Waypoint Aeronautical, Bob served for many years as President of another WA-based aeronautical engineering firm. In his early career Bob worked for Boeing, United Airlines and a private fleet owner. Bob brings his wealth of experience in the aviation industry, as well as worldwide industry connections to serve Waypoint’s customers. Bob sits on the Advisory Board for Everett Community College’s aviation program.

Megan Truxillo

General Counsel, Waypoint Aeronautical Corporation

Megan grew up in an aviation family, frequently quizzed by her father regarding airplane models at the airport during family trips. She brings her history with and passion for aviation to her role as General Counsel, providing legal and business support for the company. Prior to joining Waypoint as General Counsel, Megan worked at two respected law firms in Northern California, focusing her practice on environmental litigation. Megan earned her law degree magna cum laude from Lewis and Clark Law School.

Mike Zefkeles

Sales and Operations Manager, Waypoint Aeronautical Corporation

Mike brings 10 years of experience in the aviation industry, overseeing everything from project and program management to sales and operation. He is passionate about the customer experience and has a keen ability to build lifetime customers. In Mike’s early years you could find him traveling around the world for golf competitions. After enjoying the life of a golf professional and operating his family business for many years, he fell into the aviation industry and the rest is history.

Waypoint Aerotec, Ltd. – United Kingdom

Derek Graham

Managing Director, Waypoint Aerotec

Ex-Military and Civil Airline pilot, Fixed Wing and Helicopter. Management experience at up to CEO level in a number of Aircraft MROs, Overhaul Companies and Distributors. 21 years as Aviation Adviser to the Board of Oil Spill Response Limited, a non-profit environmental organisation owned by 47 of the major oil companies.

Rory Martin

Head of Design and Chief of Office of Airworthiness, Waypoint Aerotec

Extensively experienced Aeronautical Structures Engineer with a proven 34-year track record in airworthiness certification and validation, regulation and accident investigation support both in the UK and internationally. Expert in large transport aircraft and rotorcraft, helping to define the current shape of the Aircraft Certification Division within the CAA.

Leon Winnert

Head of Independent Monitoring System, Waypoint Aerotec

Extensively experienced Aeronautical Stress Engineer with a proven 52-year track record in airworthiness certification and validation, regulation and accident investigation support both in the UK EASA and internationally.