Our Products

Acrosoma® Composites
Acrosoma is a global specialist in the design, development and manufacturing of composite structures for the Aerospace and Military markets. Their innovative qualities and vision have put them at the forefront of the evolving composite industry. They developed a unique and cutting-edge continuous production technology to produce lightweight 3D stitched sandwich panels that have minimal thermal expansion and most of all, have the strength of its metal predecessor.

Helipad and Airfield Matting
The matting is composed of rugged 3D-reinforced composite panels weighing only 100 pounds per panel. The lightweight panels allow easy handling and very fast installation and removal. The panels also interconnect with a nylon “dogbone” system. These dogbones are easily inserted and removed with standard tools, leaving no loose items to keep the helicopter safe from any foreign object damage “FOD.”

Tooling Structures and Lifting Beams
The Acrosoma Panel Technology allows for many different tooling designs at a fraction of the weight of conventional steel and aluminum tooling. The composite panel makes it possible to construct long beams for easier fabrication for all your tooling needs.