Founded in 1991, Waypoint Aeronautical Corporation serves both the private and government sectors of the aviation industry, specializing in large transport category aircraft.  Waypoint’s proven expertise spans aeronautical engineering and design, certification and manufacturing.

Waypoint is comprised of two companies operationally staffed for worldwide aircraft certification projects. Waypoint Aeronautical Corporation, located in the United States, operates under FAA jurisdiction and regulations.  Waypoint Aerotec Ltd., located in the UK, was established for European projects working under EASA guidelines.  Joint certification approvals will guarantee that our products and services will be accepted worldwide without costly permits, delays or interruptions at those critical times when the equipment is required.


Our team of highly experienced engineers, designated engineering representatives (DERs) and designated airworthiness representatives (DARs) can handle a full range of projects, from engineering new solutions (STC’s, PMA’s, TSO’s and more), to installing modifications to existing systems.  We have years of experience with the FAA, EASA, CAAC, Canadian MOT, ANAC and other government entities worldwide. We work to specific customer needs and requirements, offering custom designs, certification, structural approval, avionics upgrades, systems modifications and certification programs. Engineering capabilities include 3-D design, pre-fabrication component and material analysis, testing and certification, and production tooling development.